Steve McClaren develops Geordie accent during first Newcastle interview

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Newly appointed Newcastle United manager Steve McClaren has delighted fans by developing a Geordie accent during his first interview.

McClaren faced the press just minutes after signing a three-year contract, and outlined his plans for the sleeping giant.

Answering a question in his ambitions for next year, McClaren began in his york brogue, “This is a giant club, and we have to be looking at the top half and possible European qualification.”

Before slipping into a Geordie accent to add, “It wud be canny tuh leed Newcassel intee europe, an’ give the fans somethin tuh celebrate.”

“Wor numbor yen priority whey aye is tuh myek sure the toon divvin’ gan doon.”

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“But fair iv silverwear wud be class, an’ ah hope ah gan delivor that fo’ these class fans at sum point in the next few yeors.”

McClaren appointed Newcastle boss

Season ticket holders have welcomed McClaren’s appointment, though response to his new accent has been mixed.

Simon Williams told us, “Look, if he can win us more games than the last few bosses, then he’ll be a hero, but if he could stop sounding like some sort of Geordie caricature that’d be great.”

“That said, if he gets fired at Christmas and finds himself applying for a job at Plymouth, as that’s an interview I’d love to hear.”