New Sex Pistols credit card targets punks seeking competitive APRs

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The new Sex Pistols branded credit card from Virgin Money will target punks seeking a competitive APR on their consumer purchases.

The credit cards will carry Sex Pistols imagery including the cover of their 1977 album ‘Never Mind the bollocks’ and their ‘Anarchy in the UK’ logo, giving consumers the opportunity to rebel against the system, whilst passively oiling the wheels of corporate consumerism.

A spokesperson for Virgin Money told us, “Punks believe in anarchy, and what better way to express that belief than with an attractive balance transfer and a market leading APR of just 18.9%”

“Anarchists don’t recognise authority or systems of control, and our new credit card embraces that philosophy by giving us authority over their money and managing it through our system of monetary control.”

“We believe that fiscal responsibility should be an important part of the punk movement, and as such we will be launching further products aimed at punks in the coming months – such as life insurance, mortgages and stock-broking.”

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Sex Pistols credit card

The new credit card has been welcomed by punks keen to see better rates of interest in their vast consumer spending.

55 year-old Simon Williams told us, “I’m a punk, obviously, but when I’m not cleaning the safety-pin I pushed through my nose when I was 18 I’m seeking out the best financial deals available, and I have to say 18.9% is right up there.”

“I know people think it’s just a cynical marketing ploy, but John Lydon made me change my brand of butter, so this was a piece of piss really.”