G7 Summit: Game of Thrones and the Britain’s Got Talent dog dominate talks

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The G7 Summit in Bavaria has concluded with the latest series of Game of Thrones and the controversy surrounding the winner of Britain’s Got Talent dominating proceedings.

“Britain leads the world in shit talent shows,” said political commentator Simon Williams.

“And as such, David Cameron found himself under attack for Britain’s Got Talent’s use of the controversial ‘stunt’ dog.”

There was an afternoon given over to discussing how brilliant the latest series of Game of Thrones was, although China insisted on a strict ‘no spoilers’ clause as they haven’t got Sky.

But it’s wasn’t all Game of Thrones and the BGT dog, Simon Williams continues.

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“Barack Obama’s got a new iWatch that he thinks is ‘neat’ and he showed off the heart-monitoring features, Angela Merkel had a jolly good moan about her sister-in-law, and the final day was dominated by a massive game of Risk, which, without Vladimir Putin, was the first cheating-free game they’ve played in quite some time.”

“Naturally the highlight of proceedings was be the traditional eighties disco, where Japan’s Shinzo Abe showed off his extensive collection of 12 inch rarities.”

The estimated cost of the 41st G7 summit is $200 million.