Kate Moss thrown out of Poundland

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Top model Kate Moss has been thrown out of her local Poundland store just hours after being escorted from an EasyJet flight into Luton airport.

It is alleged that Moss became as disruptive in the store as she did during the EasyJet flight, with staff left with no choice but to call the authorities to escort her away.

It’s believed that Moss, became aggressive during a trip to the shop, though no further action is believed to have been taken by authorities.

Staff at the Cotswolds store – where everything is a pound – said Moss became disruptive and started swearing loudly and screaming, ”don’t you know who I am?!” when staff told her that they would not further discount the price of a multi- packet of a well-known brand of cigarette filter papers.

Store Manager Simon Williams told us, ”Our cigarette filter papers already offer extremely good value – they usually sell for about 30p each; here you can get them for 5 for a pound.”

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“We couldn’t further discount them just because she is famous and a bit lairy.”

”It’s almost as if she doesn’t have a clue what to expect when you set foot in a Poundland or something.”

Kate Moss

It is alleged that Ms Moss became even more lairy and shouty when told that staff would not carry her shopping basket for her and that there was not an in-store beauty salon that would retouch her roots and give her a pedicure.

She then dropped her basket and stomped off out of the store.

Ms Moss’ publicity spokesperson has refused to engage with press about the incident although passers-by say that they overheard Ms Moss shouting, ”only 1 kg packet of granola for a quid?! They can **** off” whilst smoking a cigarette on a bench outside the shop.