FIFA movie takes $1bn in record-breaking opening weekend

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Despite only showing in ten cinemas across the US, new FIFA movie United Passions has broken all financial records by taking $1bn in box office receipts.

The record-breaking opening weekend dwarfs the amounts taken by Marvel’s Avengers ($207m), Iron Man 3 ($174m) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($169m).

FIFA has put the extraordinary financial return down to fans showing their support to the beleaguered football organisation.

A FIFA spokesperson explained, “Clearly people have come out and put their cash where their hearts are – behind FIFA.”

“People will say we are an organisation in crisis, but clearly an organisation in crisis can not generate $1bn in cash almost overnight simply from a story about how great they are.”

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FIFA movie sets record

Those US theatres that showed the movie have expressed their surprise at the box office performance during the opening weekend.

Independent cinema owner Chuck Williams told us, “We’re a small rural cinema with only 110 seats and we never get new films, so I was surprised when a FIFA official called from Switzerland and asked us to show their film last week.”

“He said it would be worth our while, and true to his word he was right.”

“I thought we only sold three tickets, but when we cashed up at the end of the night it seemed we’d actually taken $125m.”

“It was a bit of a surprise, yes. I mean, it’s almost like that money magically appeared out of nowhere destined to reach FIFA’s bank account.”

“It’s a football miracle.”