Rogue tweet about Queen’s health sparks frenzy at Charles’ crown makers

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A tweet from a BBC reporter suggesting a decline in the Queen’s health saw Prince Charles Crown makers fly into a flurry of activity.

News of the tweet first broke at Clarence House late on Wednesday were passers-by could clearly hear the words; “Yes, f**king yes. About f**king time,” from what appeared to by Prince Charles’ bedroom, followed by S-Club-7’s ‘Ain’t no party,’ being played at full volume with accompanied cheers.

Thirty minutes later, staff at Watkins & sons – ‘crown makers to the grotesquely wealthy,’ received a phone call.

“At first, all I could hear was hysterical laughter,” said apprentice jewel finagler Simon Williams.

“I was a bit bemused, but as soon as I realised that it was HRH Charles, I knew that only one thing could have happened, and if I was right then we were all working late that night.”

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“We were drawing up plans for Charles three crowns; one for best, one for day-to-day wear, and one for just lounging about on the sofa, when we received a second call from Clarence House.”

“This time it was just HRH’s secretary saying the two words that we’ve heard so many times before; ‘Not yet,’ so we all went home.”

The BBC had revealed the tweet to be a mistake by a junior reporter who hasn’t been seen since, although passers-by insist they can hear faint screams from deep in the Tower of London.