Further GCSE confusion as religious studies paper found to contain no answers

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Students have faced further confusion during their GCSEs after it was revealed that the answers for a religious studies exam were based on an illogical concept that revolves around superbeings and magic.

Students who took the exam were quick to voice their concerns on social media.

“There’s no evidence to prove or disprove the existence of a god or gods,” insisted 16-year-old Zac Willingham, who took a punt on Christ’s last supper being a buffet of mini scotch eggs, chicken dippers and Tizer.

“I hope the exam board can open their minds to the possibility that people who follow Islam might spend the afterlife playing eternal Laser Quest.”

The exam board have reassured students who took the exam that no-one will be disadvantaged by the error.

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“In the absence of any concrete evidence to the contrary we’ve decided that all answers provided will now be marked as correct,” said an Edexcel spokesperson.

“Awarding bodies have taken into account that religion is littered with contradictions and inconsistencies, but then so are a number of subjects.

“With this in mind, we are pushing for exams to be centred around just two subjects that today’s teenagers will find invaluable.

“Contraception and how to survive on unemployment benefits.”