Man on mission to add Googly Eyes to everything in entire office

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Office worker Simon Williams has set out on an ambitious mission to add googly eyes to mundane office equipment in order to entertain his co-workers.

The 37 year-old finance clerk from Bracknell said that he has a dream of one day everything in his office looking like it has an amusing face as a result of his eye-bombing.

He told us, “It started with my daughter’s lunchbox, which she seemed to love as it made it look like it was eating her lunch for her.”

“Then it spread to the fridge, which I made look perpetually surprised, then to coffee maker and my wife’s car keys which now look constantly terrified – as they should be, she’s a terrible driver.”

“That’s when it struck me – where is the most soul-destroying environment on earth? It’s accounts receivable on the third floor, obviously.”

“So I ordered some more stickers off the internet, from here, drew some eyes on them and set to work”

“You’d be surprised by how much office equipment can be improved just by adding a pair of googly eyes. Just the two though, anything more than that and it starts looking creepy.”

Googly eyes

Colleagues have had a mixed response to Williams’ endeavour, with some embracing his efforts, whilst others have insisted googly eyes stopped being funny around puberty.

42 year-old senior auditor Mike Matthews told us, “I like Simon, but I think it’s all a bit stupid, I mean I’m not 7 years old any… oh my god, he’s made my stapler look like it’s smiling! Haha!”

“Do you have any I could borrow? I know a paper towel dispenser that I could make look drunk!”