Greek Prime Minister unfriends Angela Merkel on Facebook

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The Greek prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, has unfriended Angela Merkel on Facebook, we can report today.

In what is being seen as a ‘significant deterioration’ in relations within the EU, Tsipras took the unprecedented decision to kick Merkel off his friends list after hours of deliberation at 2:30am this morning due a minor, ongoing disagreement over several hundred million Euros.

Merkel is reported to be alternately furious and diconsolate at the news, and followed her unfriending with a post calling Tsipras a ‘f***in loser’ who she ‘didnt want to kno anywa’.

However she is also reported to have rung and texted Tsipras almost thirty times in the last twelve hours.

“I have taken this step as I no longer wish to send Candy Crush or Bubble Witch invites to the German government,” said Tsipras in a statement.

“The Greek people will no longer stand for pictures of their dinner and amusing cat videos being shared with those who will not act reasonably and generously.”

“If this continues, we will have no choice but to block Merkel on Twitter and Instagram as well.”

The threats are being taken seriously within the EU, with the loss of Greece’s vital export of pictures of cute kittens sitting on Orthodox Church steps being seen as unacceptable to middle-aged ladies worldwide.

In retaliation, Merkel is reported to have dumped Tsipras from her Grepolis and WoW alliances, which many fear with serve only to escalate an already fraught situation.