Fury at revelation that Britain’s Got Talent dog removed leg using CGI

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Britain’s Got Talent winner Jules O’Dwyer is facing a fan backlash after it was revealed that computer graphics were used to make one of her dogs appear as if it only had three legs.

Jules and her two dogs Matisse and Skippy won the hearts of the nation after Skippy strode out on to the stage despite apparently only having three legs.

O’Dwyer told reporters, “Dogs can’t talk, so it was difficult for Skippy to tell a story about a dead relative, or a poor upbringing, or this being his last chance at making it – so we had to get the audience emotionally involved some other way.”

“I’d been watching Jurassic Park at the weekend so I thought why not use computer graphics and remove some bits of him to make him look vulnerable enough to emotionally manipulate the audience?”

“In the dress rehearsal we CGI’d out his head, but it made a couple of the younger kids in the Cor Glanaethwy choir cry, so we switched it to remove only one leg. I think it worked perfectly.”

“Look, it’s show business. If you are literally believing everything you see on this stage then you need help.”

“Did you think the dog was actually stealing the sausages?”

Britain’s Got Talent dog

Viewers have said that the use of CGI on Britain’s Got Talent should be extended to all areas of the show.

Simon Williams told us, “Do I feel cheated having voted for a dog that was faking it? Yes, a bit.”

“But I also think that we need more CGI technology on that show.”

“I mean, anything that can give Amanda Holden’s paralysed face any semblance of a human emotion should be welcomed.”