Nick Clegg delighted Russia still thinks he’s important enough to ban

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Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has spoken of his pride at Russia considering him important enough to place on a list of people banned from the country.

Clegg’s name appeared amongst 88 others who will be prevented from trying to enter Russia, should they attempt to do so.

A spokesperson for the Lib Dems said, “This is further proof, if any was needed, that the Liberal Democrats still have an important role to play on the European and world stage.”

“Though he might no longer be Deputy Prime Minister, or indeed leader of our party, Nick Clegg still carries enormous influence in global affairs, and as such Russia has sought to ban him in retaliation for Ukraine-related sanctions.”

“People will say that the Lib Dems are now just an irrelevance, but if Russia thinks we’re worth banning, then clearly we’re doing something right.”

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Russia bans Clegg

A Russian spokesperson responded to the comments, telling us, “These bans are inline with the undemocratic sanctions placed on Russia in recent months, so we have taken steps to ban important figures in European and world politics from setting foot on Russian soil.”

“Wait, who is Nick Clegg? He’s on our list? You’re sure he’s on here?”

“No, that must be a mistake, he can come to Russia any time he likes.”