Sunny weather forecast leads to increase in Union strike threats

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Forecasts of pleasant, sunny weather have increased the threat of industrial action, meteorologists warned today.

The warm front from Europe is expected to bring several weeks of warm days which will be ideal for spending time in the garden or protesting workplace grievances, especially on a Friday or Monday.

The RMT has already ramped up anti-government rhetoric, threatening one and two-day walkouts over working conditions to coincide with Heineken going on sale at Tesco, the release of Mortal Kombat X, and Trooping the Colour.

“This action is both necessary and reasonable,” said an RMT spokesman.

“A strike vote has given a massive mandate for staying at home with a beer and a paddling pool in the garden for a few days and if you’ve got any sense you’ll do the same,” he added.

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Meanwhile several months of weather described as ‘potentially scorching’ without a single bank holiday weekend has led to further threats of continued industrial action.

People are also warned that if they think things will be bad in Britain, they shouldn’t try doing anything at all in France between now and September.

However, not all industrial action has been welcomed by the TUC.

Threats of a walkout by hammock and deckchair manufacturers were described as ‘utterly unacceptable’ by a spokesman.