Sam Allardyce to take over at Labour

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Labour are set to announce that they have appointed Sam Allardyce as leader.

Allardyce left West Ham by mutual consent on Saturday and was thought to be planning a long break, but it is understood that he considers the Labour offer ‘too good to turn down.’

“Obviously, we looked at some of the top, top foreign managers; Ancelotti, Benitez,” said a Labour representative.

“But, frankly, the priority for Labour at present is to not go down, and if you want to stay up then Big Sam will always be the best man for the job.”

There will be alarm amongst senior members of the Shadow Cabinet as Allardyce is said to favour using his own backroom staff.

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Teddy Sheringham has just taken over at Stevenage, but it’s thought that if he’s offered a senior post, Shadow Home Secretary, Shadow Chancellor, he could be tempted away from his new job.

However, it doesn’t look like Allardyce’s appointment will go down well with core Labour supporters.

“It’s a bit uninspiring,” said Labour supporter and dawb wattler Simon Williams.

“I mean, after Miliband, I was hoping for someone with a bit of flair, a bit of magic.”

“We could have gone for more of a young upcoming manager; Eddie Howe or someone. We could have sounded out Jurgen Klopp.”

“Yes, I know a German leader might put people off, but not as many as Ed Miliband did.”