New wonga ads feature man being eaten by massive shark

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Wonga’s new advertisements are to feature a debt-laden man being partly digested by a Great White ‘loan’ shark.

After a reprimand by the Advertising Standards Agency, the responsible lender is now obliged to accurately reflect what will happen to you and your family if you can’t repay a loan.

The payday lender’s website has also been overhauled to show a man dangling from a rope next to a pile of unpaid gas bills.

At just under two minutes, the new advert opens with a sleepless man, lying drenched in his own sweat, after receiving a letter from a fake legal firm invented by Wonga executives.

Advertising Executive, John Goodier, said, “To the accompaniment of the Jaws theme tune, an angry shark then manages to navigate its way to the top floor of the man’s soon-to-be-repossessed house using the expansive plumbing system.”

“The fool tries to offer the shark some loose change out of his trouser pocket but the creature, quite rightly, is taking none of his shit.”

“The shark then turns to the camera and says ‘This is what happens when you live beyond your means’.”

Wonga has been previously criticised for reaching out to children on the National Minimum Pocket Money Allowance, by putting the Wonga logo on pencil cases.

Wonga spokesbastard, Simon Williams, said, “A parallel series of ads will run on CBeebies between 4.30 and 6.00 pm, which feature a much smaller shark of the ‘basking’ variety.”

“The blood you see in that one isn’t real.”