Steven Gerrard hailed as role model for young footballers who don’t want to win league

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Steven Gerrard played his last Liverpool match at Anfield on Saturday, in a final example to young footballers that you too can miss out on league titles if you stay with the same club forever.

Gerrard is shortly to head into the sunset to finish his career in Los Angeles, just ten years after rejecting the opportunity to win league titles with Chelsea.

Promising footballer Simon Williams told us, “Like all young players I look up to Steven Gerrard, and if there’s one thing he’s taught me above all else, it’s that if a better team wants to sign you, you should always, always sign for them.”

“It’s a lesson I, and thousands like me are grateful for. Because if a great player like Steven Gerrard can end his English career without a league title, then it can happen to anyone.”

“He will be an example to footballers and their agents for decades to come – ‘do you want to be another Steven Gerrard’ will be the warning of agents to promising players everywhere.”

“Mine has already started with it.”

Gerrard’s last Anfield game

Liverpool fan Mike Smith told us, “Steven is a legend in the eyes of everyone who supports Liverpool football club, and I find it almost abhorrent how many more league titles John Terry has than Steven Gerrard”

“But in years to come Steven Gerrard will be able to look back at his career and put his loyalty on the mantelpiece where his league wins should have been.”