Qatar urged to stick to bribery after ‘amateur’ intimidation attempt

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World Cup host Qatar has been reminded that it is much better at bribing people to get its own way, than intimidating them.

The oil-rich state that bought the 2022 World Cup from FIFA has been criticised for using intimidation tactics on BBC reporters trying to research working conditions for migrant workers ahead of the World Cup in 2022.

As one expert in intimidation told us, “Look, intimidation is a poor-person’s trick, and if there’s one thing you can’t accuse the Qataris of, it’s being poor.”

“Do you think they would have got the World Cup in 2022 if they’d locked FIFA officials up for a couple of days and threatened them with further imprisonment?”

“Of course not, because that’s not how you do business in the modern world of sport – you throw money at the problem. With gifts, holidays and funding for that person’s football region.”

“Someone in the Qatari World Cup team is being really badly advised.  Get the cheque book out and get back to doing what you do best, buying people off.”

BBC Qatar arrests

England fans have said the latest development could change their plans for watching the Qatari World Cup live.

Football fan Simon Williams,”This has definitely made me think twice about travelling to the World Cup there.”

“Having seen how they bought the tournament itself from FIFA, I had thought they’d maybe look to buy a positive Trip Advisor report from me with a nice gold watch at the airport or something.”

“But I’m not sure I fancy having a 5-star review beaten out of me.”