Patagonian Toothfish should get their help from Patagoniland, UKIP tells Prince Charles

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After Prince Charles’ letters to the government were made public, UKIP have said that as first in line to the throne he should have more concern for indigenous British Toothfish.

The letters showed Charles’ deep concern for the Patagonian Toothfish, in what UKIP have described as a ‘disgusting betrayal of British Toothfish’.

a UKIP spokesperson explained, “Patagonian toothfish should look after themselves and prince Charles should be more concerned with our indigenous toothfish, which are in danger thanks to all these Patagonian fish now thinking they can swim over here and get a handout.”

“Here we are being asked by Prince Charles to spend thousands of pounds on fish from Patagoniland when British Toothfish don’t have anything spent on them – we checked.”

“What’s worse is that I don’t even see Patagoniland on the list of countries that are part of the Commonwealth. So why is Prince Charles even looking at them?”

“It’s a disgrace. We have to start focussing our resources on the people and fish that live here, not in other places.”

“The executive committee of UKIP – yes, we do have one – now hope the crown skips to William.”

“He looks a good sort who would be mainly concerned with good old-fashioned British fish like Trout, Carp and Pike.”