Load of old shit makes Turner Prize shortlist

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A large pile of aged human excrement has been shortlisted for this year’s Turner Prize.

The piece – ‘A load of old shit,’ was created by controversial excro-artist Simon Williams.

“Yeah, I mean, I was thinking, right, every year, right, the Turner Prize shortlist is just a load of old shit,” he said, controversially.

“So, I thought, right, that what I’d do was really satirise the whole concept, right, of an art competition by getting a load of old shit, right, and entering that as my genuine art.

“I really hope I win.”

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Turner Prize

The art prize, organised by Tate galleries, has become famous for its controversy, and this year is no exception with other nominees for the prize being a film of a man putting on a hat, a theoretical life-sized sculpture of the Atlantic Ocean, and Ed Miliband’s leadership of the Labour Party.

As ever, the public didn’t really get it.

“I don’t really get it,” said a member of the public.

“To be honest, it looks like a load of old shit to me.”

However, while this year is considered one of the stronger Turner Prize shortlists amongst controversial art aficionados, it will have to go some way to top the controversy of 2005 when the competition was won by a nicely painted picture of some fruit.