Green Party voters still horrified by Labour defeat

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People who voted for the Green Party have spent the week expressing fury that other people didn’t vote for a party they didn’t vote for themselves.

Latte-supping Internet Marxists have been venting outrage at the failure of a party they didn’t vote for to win an election.

The electorate not returning Ed Miliband as Prime Minister has been variously described as ‘selfish’, ‘stupid’ and ‘evil’ by people who cast their ballot for Natalie Bennett.

“Look”, said Chad Martin, 27, from Clerkenwell.

“I’m clearly very much nicer and cleverer than other people so obviously I voted for the Green Party.”

“But why didn’t the little people vote Labour? That’s what doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Nobody I follow on Twitter votes Tory, so why would anyone else?”

Green supporters have pledged to redouble their efforts to achieve a Labour government in 2020 by calling people wankers until they do as they’re told.

In an attempt to rebuild, the Labour Party have today used an article published in the Guardian newspaper to announce a campaign to reconnect with ordinary people.