YouGov defends poll which showed Liverpool as clear Premier League winners

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Polling organisation YouGov has defended its prediction that Liverpool would win the Premier League by 8 points.

YouGov insisted its methodologies were sound and that the fact that the actual result bore no resemblance to their prediction was just ‘an anomaly’.

A spokesperson explained, “Polling is an inexact science based on gathering data, analysing it, then pulling conclusions out of our arses.”

“We looked very closely at the results up to the end of March 2015 and at that point we felt a prediction of a Liverpool title triumph by at least 8 points was the most likely result.”

“People will criticise our analysis, but they didn’t have access to the levels of detailed data that we did.”

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“The fact that Chelsea have won by such a margin is just one of those things that you can’t predict, no matter how complex your algorithm.”

“And anyway, technically Chelsea’s title win was within the margin of error in our prediction. So there.”

YouGov predict Liverpool title win

Liverpool fans have been left distraught by the Premier League’s result, having believed until just two weeks ago that the title was theirs to lose.

Season ticket holder Simon Williams told us, “Chelsea winning the title so clearly is such a shock, I can’t believe they YouGov didn’t predict it. It’s the last time I’ll ever believe a polling organisation.”

“At least until they tell me something I want to hear, anyway.”