Lord Sugar resigns support of Tottenham Hotspur

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Lord Sugar has resigned his support for Tottenham Hotspur, and asserted his new allegiance for long time North London rivals Arsenal.

In a shock move the one time Spurs owner, cited the move at being disgusted at the “negative on pitch policies” and “anti-trophy concepts” that appear to be at the heart of the club.

Having once been UEFA Cup champions and repeat winners of the FA Cup, recent results have led the club in a direction that Lord Sugar says he can no longer support.

The one time North London giants have been reduced to playing in the Europa League “in a good year” or maybe winning “the wooden spoon of a League Cup”, both of which are now out of reach once more this season.

Lord Sugar ditches Spurs

The entrepreneur and Apprentice star, said that he repeatedly told the “most senior figures” in the club about his concerns over proposals to continue sell their best players for a fortune without adequate replacements.

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He went on to say that this has “absolutely nothing to do with the recent 3-0 drubbing in the Potteries” and that he had decided to speak out only once next season’s Champions League was out of reach.

He told reporters, “I wanted to stay quiet to avoid distracting the lads on the pitch, but that bit of the plan didn’t work for the game against Stoke to be fair.”

“Some might say that this is tantamount to closing the stable door once the horse has bolted, but I have never known much about horses and Karren says it is fine as long as I stay away from West Ham.”

“I was also thinking of doing something similar with my seat in the House of Lords, and swapping from Labour to the Tories given their recent results.”

“Or do you think that would look bad?”