David Cameron thanks his election-winning team of Ed Miliband and Alex Salmond

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Returned Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed his ‘deep and personal gratitude’ to his key assistants during the election, Ed Miliband and Alex Salmond.

In a heartfelt speech, he praised their tireless efforts on behalf of the Conservative party, and stressed he hoped they could continue in their roles long into the future.

He singled Miliband out for special praise, crediting him with being single-handedly responsible for a 12-point swing from Labour to the Conservatives in only a year.

He went on to stress that Salmond’s contribution had also been ‘invaluable’.

“Without Alex making himself available at any time day or night for an interview or to give a quote it is likely the Conservatives would have got millions fewer votes”, he said.

“I really can’t thank either of them enough.”

Cameron went on to add that he would be nominating both Ed Balls and Nicola Sturgeon for OBE’s for services to the Conservative Party.

When it was pointed out that none of the people he’d named were members of the Conservatives, Cameron said “Really? You could have fooled me.”