Political leaders’ motoring choices showcased in the ‘Houses of Carliament’

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The British General Elections are here and millions of us will be driving to the polling stations to register our vote, in what could be the most exciting and unpredictable election in years.

It’s easy to find out what cars our party leaders drive, but the more interesting question is this: what SHOULD they be driving? 

Resident political experts from the Jennings Motor Group ‘general election steering committee’ have suggested the drives that you’d expect five political heavyweights to enjoy, based on their experience, political leanings and past behaviour.

So is Ed Miliband an Aston Martin or a Fiat Punto? Would David Cameron suit steering a Jaguar, or would he look more comfortable in a Toyota Yaris? And what about Nigel Farage? I think we can safely rule European models out for a start!

You can take a look at the “Houses of Carliament” here – http://www.jenningsmotorgroup.co.uk/houses-of-carliament/

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