Free your mind from establishment control and vote for who I tell you, says Russell Brand

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L’oreal advert personified Russell Brand has called on the population to reject establishment influence and instead do precisely what he tells you to do.

“What I fink, right,” said Brand in his best stage-school neo-cockney accent.

“Is that everyone should rise up, you know, against the oppressive, like, yoke of authority, in a beautiful peaceful revolution of love.”

“And then do exactly what I tell them.”

Russell Brand has thrown himself into the role of anarchist-revolutionary after his remake of ‘Arthur’ took 50p at the box-office.

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He’s urged people not to vote, performed a hilarious political TV sketch with Jeremy Paxman, and wrote an unintelligible book about not selling cars to countries that already have cars and throwing vacuum cleaners out of the window.

Now he has urged his followers not to do what people tell them and vote for Ed Miliband because that’s what he’s telling them to do.

The endorsement could prove key as Mr Brand has over thirty-six followers who will now get behind Labour, if they can be bothered.

“Peace and love and nice hair to all of you my pretties,” concluded, Mr Brand before adding:

“And if you don’t vote Labour, I’ll make Arthur 2.”