Fury as some Bullingdon Club members still yet to endorse David Cameron

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After the Financial Times Chief leader writer endorsed his fellow Bullingdon Club member David Cameron, looks were cast in the direction of those yet to endorse the Conservative leader.

Bullingdon Club alumni Jonathan Ford wrote in the Financial Times of his belief that David Cameron was the right man to lead the country after seeing him ‘perform’ admirably at many Bullingdon club dinners.

However several members of the Bullingdon Club have yet to endorse Cameron, at least in public using whatever influence they might have.

As one Conservative voter explained, “Of course he’s got the backing of George Osborne and Boris Johnson – and now Jonathan Ford at the Financial Times – but where are the other Bullingdon members and their public endorsements?”

“What is the point of joining an organisation such as the Bullingdon Club if you can’t rely on these connections to endorse you when you’re in the running to lead the country.”

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“All those evenings of burning money and vomiting expensive food into bags, was it all for nothing?”

“We’ve been led to believe that in clubs such as this alliances are formed that will ultimately determine who will be the most powerful people in the nation, but it seems to me that many of these members are conspicuous by their absence.”

“If you ask me, David Cameron would have been better off if he’d not even joined the Bullingdon Club in the first place.”