The Sun newspaper endorses the Labour Party in Islington

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Copies of the Sun newspaper distributed in the North London suburb of Islington have backed the Labour Party this morning.

The leafy enclave is well-known as a bastion of working-class solidarity, with its traditional industries of politics mines and advertising factories, and support for the Labour Party runs strongly there.

However residents are concerned that their way of life may be under threat, as cuts mean that public-sector management consultancy roles are in increasingly short supply.

Islington resident and Labour supporter Josh Carpenter, 33, told us “After an ‘ard day’s work oop at t’app development mill, ‘appen all a lad wants is to ‘ave a vape and an artisan pie wi’ a copy o’ t’ paper”.

“Islington Sun is right fer folk like me.”

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“We’re not interested that fancy Telegraph or Times what folk as aren’t working class read.”

The Sun in Islington

Residents are confident that Labour pledges to support web development roles will ensure their community can survive.

“The Sun newspaper has always supported the people we think are going to win”, said a News International spokesman.

“And that’s why we’re backing labour in Islington, because frankly they’re fucked everywhere else.”