Adult industry celebrates as someone finally uses ‘Share on Facebook’ button

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The adult entertainment industry is on the verge of a social revolution, after one site reported a user clicking the ‘Share on Facebook’ button after watching a video.

The news comes as a major boost the industry that had in the previous four years seen just one piece of content shared socially, by someone who thought they were watching a self-help video for people who needed an emergency plumber.

Brett Richardson of said the move will see his industry finally become part of the social web.

He told us, “We have dreamed of the day when your pornography choices would be influenced by whatever your friends are masturbating to, and that day has finally arrived.

“We’ve sent a congratulatory bottle of Champagne to our customer as a way of thanking him, and he will go down in history as a pioneer in social smut.”

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We approached Simon Williams, the man who shared the content on Facebook, at his home in Basingstoke asked him for a comment.

He came to his door to tell us, “No, sorry mate, you’ve clearly made a terrible mistake, I don’t watch that sort of stuff online because I’m in a loving relationship with a woman I love who is in the next room. Please go away.

“Wait, I shared it on Facebook? Shit shit shit!

“Hang on…. No, err, it’s nothing sweetheart, just a reporter telling me my Facebook account has been hacked.

“Sorry, I have to go now.”