Religious bigots as welcome as our other bigots, insists UKIP

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UKIP has attempted to woo Christian voters by saying they have the party’s full support to be bigoted against same-sex marriage.

The new UKIP mini-manifesto for Christian voters says they can happily join the other bigots in the party by voting UKIP, and that UKIP is the only party willing to back their hate-filled view of the world.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage told reporters, “This is a Christian country – no matter what the latest survey showing we’re more atheist than anything says – and so Christian bigotry is an important part of our way of life.”

“If a Christian wants to refuse service to someone because their two-thousand year-old fairy tale says they should, then so be it.”

“In a UKIP world, you could happily refuse to serve someone for being gay, wearing clothes of mixed fibres, or having touched an unclean animal.”

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“Which covers just about every McDonald’s customer, so that job just got a lot easier for a Christian.”

“People will say our views are outdated, but I would ask you to remember what Jesus said about homosexuals.”

“Well, OK, no-one knows exactly what Jesus said about the homosexuals, because he never mentioned them, but he probably thought they were awful.”

“Jesus would have voted UKIP, rest assured on that point.”

UKIP Christian manifesto

A spokesman for the party went on to explain that UKIP would ensure the country is run with Christian ideologies at its core.

They said, “Some of the greatest countries in the world are run by religious ideologists – no, I don’t mean people like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

“The other, better, kind of religious ideologists. Like us.”