Any danger of spending those 100 days on a tax avoidance law, everyone asks Tories

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After David Cameron announced new laws to stop increases in income tax, voters asked if maybe he could put in place a law to stop businesses avoiding tax.

With the Conservatives happy to a create a new law within the first 100 days of a new term which will prevent rises in income tax, VAT or national insurance, they’ve been reluctant to explain when they’ll make big companies pay what tax they should be paying.

A conservative party spokesperson explained, “Ah, yes, tax avoidance, that’s not really a priority I’m afraid.”

“You see right now it’s far easier to talk about being tough on tax avoidance, than actually being tough on tax avoidance.”

“If we’re going to spend time and effort in the first 100 days of the next term implementing a new tax law, it’s far better that we spend that time and effort on things that will win votes – not things that will alienate our best donors.”

“That would be madness.”

New Conservative tax laws

Voter Simon Williams told us, “I like the idea of not paying more tax, obviously, but I also like the idea of companies who should be paying millions tax actually paying it?”

“Then maybe you wouldn’t need to raise my tax in the first place?”

However the Conservative spokesperson responded, “Look, you have your priorities, and we have ours – that’s all this is.”

“When we say we will not raise taxes, we don’t just mean for you, we mean for the corporations, obviously.”