Nepal needs ‘trade not aid’ insists UKIP

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UKIP’s insistence that developing countries need ‘trade not aid’ will see a UKIP delegation heading to Nepal to see if any deals can be struck.

With the death toll still rising UKIP have said that the proper way to help countries less fortunate than ourselves is through trade agreements.

A Ukip spokesperson explained, ‘Sending blankets, medicines and aid staff is nothing more than a sticking plaster – what they need is long-lasting contracts to buy stuff from our country whilst we in turn buy anything that hasn’t been destroyed.”

“As such our delegation will be armed with briefcases full of contracts that will no doubt be of great comfort to the Nepalese in the coming weeks and months.”

“Plus we might pick up a bargain or two, what with us negotiating from such a position of strength and everything.”

UKIP foreign aid

Though UKIP have been criticised for their plans to drastically cut foreign aid, they have been quick to insist that this does not mean no money will be available to help poorer countries.

The spokesperson went on, “The only way to restore dignity and provide a real living to these people, is by free access to British, European and the US markets. Free and Fair Trade, not aid.”

“We’re not saying we’ll scrap foreign aid completely, we’ll just cut it to the point where we have to make decisions on which desperately needy people we choose to let die.”

“And part of that decision will be based on what they can do for us.”

“Nepal, I’m afraid, would be borderline.”