Labour Party to fight nepotism and inherited privilege by creating hundreds of new Lords

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A Labour government would create hundreds of new Lords to help in the battle against nepotism and privilege, they have announced this morning.

The new Peers, who will be drawn from their own supporters, will then be given substantial expense accounts to help do away with the system of the country being run by titled people with lots of money in positions of power based on who they know.

They will then be placed in important public positions, in order to help tackle a lack of democratic accountability in important public institutions.

“Labour stands for the ordinary hard-working family of titled, well-connected people,” said Ed Miliband.

“And I pledge to the people of Britain that if you’ve got a seat in the House of Lords and an ermine robe we are listening to you.”

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The new generation of Labour activists and candidates have come out in support of the announcement.

“The Labour Party is about the end of inherited privilege”, said parliamentary candidate Will Straw, son of former Home Secretary Jack Straw.

“And with my chums Euan Blair, Emily Benn, David Prescott, Stephen Kinnock and Joe Dromey I will fight to end the system whereby people from the same few families hold the positions of power in Britain.”