Native American actors walked off Adam Sandler movie because it was an Adam Sandler movie

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Native American actors have dramatically walked off the production of a Hollywood movie after discovering it had Adam Sandler in it.

The members of the Navajo nation, who had been employed as bit part actors and extras, claimed they were hired on the basis they would be appearing in a comedy but it became clear that was a lie when Sandler appeared in the production.

“They told us it was a big-budget, hilarious comedy”, said a Navajo spokesman.

“And then Sandler turned up.”

“I know white man speak with forked tongue, but we didn’t think he’d sink that low.”

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After producers told cast members that if they didn’t think Adam Sandler was funny they should leave, all the extras were gone within five minutes, as well as the other actors, the catering staff, the crew and the director.

It is reported that several members of the production crew have applied to join the Navajo nation after it became clear that no Adam Sandler film will ever be shown in their territory.

“The white man might have taken everything from us, but we’ve still got way too much pride to appear in a film with the guy who did ‘Blended’,” we were told.