London marathon runners to endure 26 miles of properties they could never afford

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30,000 runners will go through hell this weekend on the streets of London as they look at house after house they could never afford in a million years.

For the 35th time since it was founded in 1981, professional athletes and oversized chickens alike will run the 26.2 miles, taking them across the heart of the capital and past properties at prices that would make you cry.

Mile after mile they will pound the streets past flats, houses and maisonettes that will suck every ounce of enthusiasm out them.

The runners will begin at the Blackheath end of Greenwich Park, finishing on average, some 5 hours later in Green Park, having taken in approximately £5bn worth of London homes.

Online estate agent,, has taken a look at some of the tear-enducing properties along the route.

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1 Mile Marker: Blackheath

Blackheath, the starting point of the marathon, is home to the largest area of common land in Greater London and due to having schools that aren’t rubbish properties are over three times the national average. 5/10.

12 Mile Marker: Bermondsey

As they approach London Bridge, the best known lifeline connecting North and South London, the runners will pass through Bermondsey. Due to its close proximity to the City of London, Bermondsey has an average house price of £1,015,239 – which is ridiculous for a place whose most famous child is Jade Goody. Vomit-induction rating: 8/10

13 Mile Marker: Whitechapel

Crossing north of the river, runners will gain some temporary respite as property prices fall slightly, down from exorbitant to merely outrageous. Whitechapel, the hunting ground of Jack the Ripper, has never really shaken its shady image but still has an average house price of £866,291. At £325,000 this one bedroom flat, listed by eMoov, highlights the high price property can fetch in central London in particular, regardless of the property type or borough in which it’s situated. Vomit-induction rating: 6/10

26 Mile Marker:  Belgravia

As the runners head down through the political hub of Westminster and on to the finish line, legs and lungs will no doubt be screaming – as well as voices towards those who’ve created a market which they simply can not be part of. The finish line is surrounded by some of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in London, evident with the asking price of this two bedroom terrace house on Ann’s Close, listed with eMoov at £2,125,000. Vomit-induction rating: 10/10.