Anger as David Cameron refuses to ‘do some Oasis’ on BBC Live Lounge

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The Prime Minister’s appearance on Radio 1 ended in disappointment as he pointedly refused to play any Oasis cover versions.

The Live Lounge is a long-running BBC programme that invites acts on to perform cover-versions.

David Cameron’s choice of cover was a source of speculation with rumours ranging from The wheels on the bus go round and round, to Shine on you crazy diamond, performed as a tribute to the late Margaret Thatcher.

The most outlandish rumour was perhaps that William Hague and Iain Duncan-Smith would join him for an uncensored version of NWA’s Fuck tha Police.

However, early in the day Tory central office began briefing that the PM would be performing Oasis’s Some Might Say.

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In the event, after what turned into a bad-tempered event, David Cameron left the stage to shouts of ‘at least do some Oasis you prick,’ and the public was left no clearer on the Prime Minister’s musical ability.

“I think that’s typical of this Prime Minister, and the conservatives in general,” said a Labour spokesman.

“In Labour, we have a rich heritage of music from Neil Kinnock dancing like a half-drunk monkey, through radical activists Simply Red’s involvement in Red Wedge, and of course Tony Blair’s seminal ‘Ugly Rumours’ rock group.”

It is understood that Nick Clegg’s appearance on Britain’s got Talent had to be cancelled when it became apparent that he didn’t have any.