Grant Shapps cleared of Wikipedia tampering as ‘Michael Green’ claims responsibility

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Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps has been cleared of manipulating Wikipedia entries in his favour after responsibility was claimed by ‘Michael Green’.

Wikipedia revealed that Shapps’ entry had been edited to remove potentially damaging information, whilst entries of his political rivals had been edited to highlight more damaging aspects of their careers.

Green, who appears to be an Internet businessman selling get rich quick schemes said that he was responsible for the changes, and that Shapps was not involved at all.

He told us, “I like Grant Shapps, there I said it. I think he’s an incredible politician, an outstanding human being, and a lover of amazing prowess.”

“Look, it’s not like I lied about him on Wikipedia, I was just selective about which elements of the truth I allowed to appear on the Internet. If that’s wrong, then lock me up and throw away the key.”

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“Actually, it’s not wrong is it? I’ve got somewhere to, er, be on 7th May.”

Shapps Wikipedia entries edited

Shapps spoke to reporters to re-emphasise his innocence.

He told them, “Just because Michael Green looks a lot like me doesn’t mean it was me making those changes to the Wikipedia.”

“In fact, we are very different people with very different names. It’s purely a coincidence that he focussed on only make me look good and my rivals look bad.”

“If being handsome is a crime, then lock him up and throw away the key.”