Families heading to Syria lured by fake Trip Advisor reviews

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Moron families are heading to Syria purely on the evidence of 5-star Trip Advisor reviews from members of Islamic state, according to reports today.

With another family from the UK found trying to cross into Syria, officials have said they were discovered with printouts of several glowing Trip Advisor reports from other families.

A Home Office spokesperson explained, “It seems Islamic State are luring gullible morons purely on the basis of faked reviews showing how wonderful Syria is at this time of year.”

“As one review said, ‘The training camp was incredible, I learned so much, and everyone was really helpful, I can’t recommend it enough’ – even I’d consider taking a closer look after a review like that.”

“Others praised the catering, child care facilities and of course the incredible weather.”

Some of the more detailed 5-star reviews listed activities such as ‘advanced chemistry’ ‘mechanical engineering’ and ‘advanced guerrilla tactics’ as option activities during your stay.

The Home Office spokesperson continued, “The most difficult part is that most people said their Syrian stay represented excellent value for money – as it was essentially ‘free’.”

“When you’re comparing that to paying over a grand for a family week at Centre Parcs, it suddenly looks pretty good.”

“And they don’t charge extra during half-term week.”