Everyone to leave EU except Greece

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The European Union has announced plans to solve the ongoing problem of Greek membership by having everyone leave except them.

The Greeks have proven determined to stay in the organisation despite their inability to come to terms or pay their way, and so Brussels has announced that if they’re that determined to have the EU, they can keep it.

Other nations will leave the Union in an orderly fashion to form their own organisation “The Federal Union of Nations who aren’t Greece” and then carry on exactly as before.

At the same time, the Greeks will be cordially invited to get bent.

“It’s like a party”, said EU President Juncker.

“It’s one in the morning, and there’s this one guy who hasn’t bought anyone a drink all night sitting in the kitchen bitching about how life isn’t fair.”

“So you pass the word around and everyone else just quietly gets up one at a time and goes somewhere more fun without him.”

Russian president Vladimir Putin has said that Greece would be welcome to join the Russian Federation, and he’d be sending 15,000 paratroopers and several tank battalions as a goodwill gesture to ensure a stable transition.