New Star Wars spin-off to plot transformation of UKIP into the evil Empire

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A new Star Wars spin-off scheduled for release next year will plot the rise of UKIP and its ultimate transformation into the evil Empire at the heart of the popular series.

A producer on the new film explained that ‘origin’ stories have proven popular with Star Wars fans, and they are keen to explore the origins of the Empire, the power-hungry organisation hell-bent on the destruction of the Jedis who are considered a ‘bit different’.

They told us, “What starts as a plan to close the borders to foreigners soon leads to hatred and anger of anyone considered different to those people on the ‘inside’ of the organisation.”

“Before long the all-powerful UKIP has morphed into an interstellar organisation hellbent on the destruction of anyone that doesn’t conform to their view of what is ‘normal’.”

“There is a very good reason why the stormtroopers ended up being white.”

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“The new film will take us from the local elections of 2011 and right up to the development of the Death Star which is laser focussed on destroying foreigners on all sorts of planets.”

“I won’t spoil it be telling you who the Emperor actually ends up being, needless to the say the first three letter, M, E and P are a bit of a clue.”