Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer 2

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The new Star Wars trailer was released yesterday, leading to an Internet frenzy of comment and speculation.

What does the new trailer show, and what might it suggest about the upcoming film?

The trailer opens with a shot of a Star Destroyer which has been dropped on Jar-Jar Binks to make absolutely sure of him.

We then see a montage of shots which include:

  • A shot of a Halloween Darth Vader head carved from a Corellian Pumpkin by an eight year old. Vader is clearly still used to frighten children!
  • Luke Skywalker fondling R2-D2 with his metal hand. Rumours have suggested a love story in the film, but this is an unexpected twist.
  • John Boyega’s character, who we understand is thrown out of the stormtroopers when everyone notices he doesn’t look the slightest bit like Jango Fett.
  • A clear shot of the new-design stormtroopers, confirming speculation that the villains of the new film are Apple.
  • A shot of a stormtrooper in mirrored armour. A terrifying development this, as the Empire appears to have learned mirrors are better defence against lasers than matt surfaces and only taken 30 years to do it.

The trailer breaks modern Hollywood convention by having the heroes run away from explosions rather than walk away from them looking cool.

The trailer ends with an elderly Han Solo announcing that he’s finally been put into a home.

We can’t wait for December!