Bill Gates still saying he’ll ‘Google’ stuff

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Microsoft supremo Bill Gates still says he’ll ‘Google’ for stuff, unless he’s really concentrating.

Gates, who launched the Bing search engine in 2009, visibly struggles to say Bing when asked to search for information.

“We were going out the other night and Bill asked me to Google the address of the restaurant”, said his wife, Melissa.

“Then he swore without stopping for four or five minutes.”

As one search engine user told us, “Anyone who tells you that they are going to ‘Bing’ for something can’t help but sound patently ridiculous – so they are either taking the piss, or being paid to say that.”

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Bing vs Google

IP tracking services confirm that visits to the Google homepage from Microsoft HQ in Redmond are usually cancelled and replaced by a Bing request a few moments later.

When asked what proportion of search traffic Bing gets, Gates replied “I’m not sure. Hang on and I’ll Google it.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

Meanwhile Bing has risen to become the premier search engine of choice for people who think their other half keeps an eye on their Google search history.

“Google isn’t for porn. Bing is,” we were told.

“Nobody ever looks there.”