40 year-old man in Converse trainers pretty sure he looks ‘cool’

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40-year-old Simon Williams has today worn his new Converse sneakers seemingly unaware of how ridiculous they make him look.

Williams wore the trainers to the office on ‘dress down day’, much to the surprise of colleagues left baffled by his apparent ignorance of his own age.

“Yeah, I bought them online,” confirmed Williams.

“They are Chuck Taylor hi-tops if that means anything to you? Because that’s how I roll,” he continued, before ensuring his t-shirt had remained securely tucked into his stonewashed jeans.”

In what he believed to be ‘friendly encouragement’ Williams’ colleagues have begun suggesting he start wearing ‘hoodies’ and three-quarter length trousers, something the portly 40-year-old is said to be considering.

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“Apparently I’d look good with a beard. I’m considering it.

“You know, you’re only as old as you feel, and I’ve got to say I don’t feel a day over 35, so I think I’m dressed entirely appropriately.”

Colleague Dave Smith told us, “Anyone who claims the highlight of their weekend was reviewing their pension arrangements should not be walking around in Converse trainers.

“That said, I am quietly hoping he’ll turn up in skinny jeans next week.”

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