Ed Miliband pledges to give everyone a Terry and June DVD

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After the Conservatives pledged to give everyone the ‘Good Life’, Ed Miliband promised that a Labour government would provide Terry and June box-sets to anyone who wants one.

“David Cameron’s offer of the Good Life for all is just a cheap electoral bribe,” said the Labour leader.

“And he’s probably just giving away a crappy VHS of the Good Life that he taped off the telly in put in a case that looks like a brown leather book, because the Tories are stuck in the past.”

“With Labour, the party of the future, we’ll be offering ‘Terry and June’ on DVD for anyone who wants it.”

“It’s got active menu technology, and chapter select feature, and limited edition commentary from me as I explain what the jokes mean for the hardworking people of Britain.”

However, it does seem that Labour’s response might not be enough to sway voters.

“Yeah, I mean, Terry and June’s alright,” said Tory voter and umbrella waxer Simon Williams.

“But the thing with the Good Life is that whatsername’s got a really nice arse.”

“And I really like arses, which is why I’m voting Tory.”

It is understood that UKIP are trying to source copies of ‘Mind Your Language’ to give out to their supporters.