Louisiana Police confirm they did not shoot unarmed Percy Sledge

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Police in Louisiana have moved to deny reports that they were involved in the death of unarmed black man Percy Sledge yesterday.

After news reports emerged of the death of the US soul singer at the age of 74, speculation began to grow online that the police must have been involved once relatives confirmed he was unarmed at the time of his death.

Talent agency Artists International Management Inc released a statement that Sledge died at his home in Baton Rouge, and that no weapons were found on his person by those on the scene.

A police spokesperson told reporters, “We understand that the death of an unarmed black man will raise suspicions given the current tensions in the region, but we can confirm that no police officers were involved in Mr Sledge’s death.”

“Anecdotal evidence that a police taser was left by his body by the first responder has yet to be substantiated.”

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Percy Sledge unarmed

Baton Rouge resident Michael Williams told us, “The police can say whatever they like, but we all know the truth.”

“Percy Sledge didn’t carry a weapon, he was a peaceful man, but just minutes after the police arrive at his crib they’re announcing he’s dead? That’s too much of a coincidence.”

“We all know they’re behind this, but they’ll cover it up again because no-one managed to catch it on camera.”

“I’d put good money on them declaring he died of natural causes in the next few days.”

“You just can’t trust no-one these days.”