First step to finding extra £8bn for NHS is cutting inheritance tax, insist Tories

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The Conservative party has said the first step in finding the extra £8bn they pledged for the NHS is by cutting tax for the richest 10% in society.

A day after explaining they would spend an extra £8bn on the NHS in the next parliament – but not where that money is coming from – the Tories said it was a complicated funding arrangement that involved letting rich people keep more of their money.

David Cameron told reporters, “We promise to spend £8bn more on the NHS, giving it the money it needs to provide excellent care for all citizens, and it’s important we do that through tax cuts for rich people.”

“I know that from the outside announcing a spending plan that isn’t backed with any detail whatsoever, immediately followed by a detailed tax cut for rich people might look like we have our priorities wrong – but you don’t have the economic advisers I do.”

“They have made it very clear that the way to spend more money on live sick people, is to take less money from dead rich people – so that’s what we’re doing.”

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“If you’re a dead rich person you should be rest assured that by taking less money from you we are helping saving the lives of sick people across the country.”

“No, really.”

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