Andy Murray crashes out of wedding just before final vow

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The wedding Andy Murray and Kim Sears has ended in disappointment for Murray as he found himself unable to make it through to the final wedding vow.

The day started well for Murray as he made short work of early vows ‘take thee to be my lawful wedded wife,’ and ‘to have and to hold from this day forward’.

Disaster almost struck as Murray came up against the little known vow – ‘to promise to serve each other and humanity,’ and he made heavy weather of it, nearly stumbling over ‘humanity.’

However his professionalism shone through though, and he finished the vow strongly.

The next few vows were a breeze for Murray as he sailed through ‘richer and poorer,’ and ‘sickness and health.’

It then seemed like momentum was on his side and he would storm through the remainder of the vows.

‘Till death us do part,’ proved no problem and he even made it through the tricky ‘according to God’s holy ordinance,’ with some lovely vow-work that showed he’d been working hard on them over the winter.

Murray struggles with final vow

However, the final vow once again proved too much for the Scot as he slid the Wedding ring onto Ms Sears’ nose and said the fatal words – ‘In the name of the Father, the son, and Goran Ivanisevic.’

Thunderstruck, he threw his tennis racket to the floor and stormed out of the church whilst gesticulating wildly at his coaching staff sat in the third pew.

The day went to Novak Djokovic who stepped in, completing the final vow and winning the hand of Kim Sears.