American Pie lyrics reveal that the song is about a big pie made in America

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The original lyrics to the enigmatic song American Pie were sold at auction for £1.2million and have revealed the true meaning of the song. It’s about a pie; an American pie.

Pop scholars have long pored over the lyrics of the famous eight-minute number one single and writer Don Mclean – not the one off Crackerjack – recently said that the true meaning of the song would be clear from the original hand-written lyrics.

“The buyer has kindly let us view the lyrics,” said pop historian and professional beard wearer Simon Williams.

“And you can see here – ‘I want a pie’ scrawled in the margin in Mclean’s own hand. Down here, at the bottom of the page – ‘Hmmm, yummy pie’.”

“But perhaps the clearest indication of the author’s intent is scribbled all across the lyrics in thick biro, sometimes so deep that it cuts into the paper – ‘Where’s my fucking pie, you pie fucks.’ “

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“It seems clear that this is a song about pie.”

American Pie lyrics

It has long been thought that the song is a poetic, and image-rich odyssey through modern American history with references to ‘Helter skelter in a summer swelter,’ ‘a generation lost in space,’ and ‘the king […] looking down.’

“No,” said Mr Williams.

“They’re all metaphors for pie.”

It is understood that the soon to be released original lyrics to ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ will reveal the song is about a stone that rolls.