Wurzels throw their support behind Jay Z’s Tidal music service

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Cult Scrumpy and Western group the Wurzels have ended days of speculation by giving their support to Jay-Z’s new Tidal music streaming service.

“Oh Arrr,” said chief Wurzel Pete Budd.

“Tidal? Blooming marvellous.”

Jay Z is said to be thrilled.

“Damn right, this is the big one,” said the Rap superstar and one of the largest shareholders of Tidal.

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“We got my boy, Kanye, my girls Madonna, Rhianna, the Queen Bee herself Beyonce, but this shit ain’t going nowhere unless we got the Wurzels on the team.”

“They’ve stepped up and Tidal is go.”

He revealed that he is a big fan of Wurzels.

“Hell yeah, I’m down with the early Adge Cutler shit. ‘Drink up thy Zider?’ I respect that. ‘Twice Daily?’ Man, that is some filthy music. Real sexual shit. I’m into it. They keep it real.”

Wurzels fan and cabbage boiler Simon Williams was excited by the announcement.

“So, I can stream Arcade Fire’s seminal ‘Funeral’ album and ‘I am a cider drinker’ from one service? What’s not to love?”

It is expected that the Wurzels endorsement of Tidal will soon be followed by the Smurfs, the Baron Knights, and the Brotherhood of Man, lending it the credibility it so sorely needs to become a success.