Greece facing huge reparations bill for shit 90’s holidays

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Greece has been handed an enormous reparations bill for the terrible holidays suffered by British citizens during the 1990s.

British holidaymakers say they are owed £200bn for atrocious holidays and experiences during the 90’s, however the Greek government says the issues were settled at the time and no monies are now owed.

According Simon Williams, a spokesperson for the British holidaymakers, “To our calculations, the debt linked to Greek reparations is 200.3bn pounds.”

“This amount is linked to overcharging in hotels, terrible bathroom conditions, and compensation for gastric difficulties suffered because of the water over there.”

“The bill also includes charges levied by Greek banks for tourists trying to take money out of their own accounts whilst they were in the country.”

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Greek reparations

Williams said he had sent the bill to General Accounting Office of the Greek government, but they had yet to receive an official response.

However Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras said his government rejected the claims, insisting all compensation claims were finalised in the 1990’s at the time of the holidays.

He said, “Just because the British tax-payer is short of a few bob at the moment doesn’t mean it can come to us for an age-old debt they think they’re owed.”

“It smacks of desperation, and they should get their own house in order first.”

“The holidays were as advertised, and frankly, if they believed what they saw in Shirley Valentine, then more fool them.”