Nicola Sturgeon denies preferring Coke to Irn-Bru

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SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has issued an angry denial that she prefers Coke to Irn-Bru.

Sturgeon was forced into the denial after claims emerged that she told the French Ambassador she’d rather have a glass of Coke when offered the Scottish soft drink at a reception.

Irn-Bru remains unaccountably popular in Scotland despite everyone else in the world thinking Coke better, and the claims have been seized on as indicating Sturgeon is ‘disloyal’ to her core constituency.

“There is no truth to these claims”, she said at a press conference, between grimaces as she swallowed mouthfuls of the stuff.

“Clearly Irn-Bru is superior in every way.

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“When I said I’d rather have the real thing, obviously I meant David Cameron over Ed Miliband.”

She is also accused of asking for Ferrero Rocher at the ambassador’s reception in preference to a Tunnock’s Tea-Cake.