Floating voter convinced by UKIP pledge to let immigrants die of Aids

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Floating voter Simon Williams admitted he has been swayed by UKIP’s policy of choosing to let sick foreign people die from horrible diseases.

Williams admitted he had been undecided before the leaders debate, but found himself strangely drawn to Nigel Farage’s image of a nation where foreigners suffering from HIV are refused treatment.

He told pollsters, “Obviously I’m interested in the economy, the NHS and education – but there’s something strangely compelling about letting immigrants die.”

“Particularly when they die on our shores from such a horrific disease, one that currently has several treatment options available.”

“How can you not get behind a policy like that? He’s not even offering a referendum on it – he’ll just let them die. Hopefully in the street.”

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UKIP on HIV immigrants

Experts have said that Farage’s message in last night’s debate was a stroke of genius.

Political analyst Walter Mathison told us, “There’s a very large voting pool out there of sociopaths who enjoy watching immigrants die of horrific diseases – and now he’s got that demographic sewn up.”

“No-one else is offering them anything – they literally couldn’t care less about the NHS, but now someone is pledging the very thing that makes them happy.”

“I guess UKIP’s success will come down to just how many voting sociopaths there are in the country – I’m guessing a couple of million.”

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